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Coconut De-Shelling
Capacity 4000 nuts/ 8 hrs
All structure is made out of Mild steel
Drive Gear motor with DOL starter
Structure paint Anticorrosive paints
Coconut Pre-cutter
Dimension 2'x 2'x2'
Made out of Stainless steel
Driven by Geared motor
Philippine cutter
Capacity (800-1000)Kg/hr
The feeding screw conveyor
  • Fabricated out of stainless steel
  • Drive-gear motor
  • The feeding screw has a movable arrangement
The main cutter
  • Housing & shaft fabricated out of stainless steel
  • Cutter discs will be fabricated out of stainless steel
  • Drive - induction motor
Structure Main frame & all supportive structures made out of mild steel with Painting on all non-stainless-steel parts (Sand blasting & painting)

Coconut Grinder
Coconut Flour Huller
Capacity 150 -165 Kg/ Hr
Sieve frame Stainless Steel 304
Sieve material Stainless Steel 304
Machine Structure Mild Steel HD box bar, paint
Vibrator Induction motor
Iron remover Permanent magnet

Milk press
Malith Engineering works specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of milk expeller machines. Milk expeller machines are designed to squeezes the coconut milk from coconut white meat and operating in a continuous mode.

Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 16 ½ feets
  • Width: 2 ½ feets
  • Maximum Height: 06’ feets
Machine Bed fabricating as 3 options
  • Stainless steel box bar
  • Mild steel box bar and outer painting with marine epoxy paint
  • Mild steel H iron and outer painting with marine epoxy paint
Screw/ chamber/ tray/ cone/ hoppers & other food contact parts made out of Stainless steel
Cone driven motor Flange type gear motor
Screw driven motor Induction motor
Cone moving mechanism Both manual and pneumatic
Cone locking arrangement Pneumatic/ mechanical
Motor control Completed internal wiring system with a safety included panel board